The package file includes as follows:

1. 3D in stl, stp, obj

2. Gear set dimensions 15 teeth to 80 teeth.

    (Gear teeth: 15, 20, 25, 30,40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80 /  Gear module: 0.8)

3. FEA animation for gear set torque and safety factor in ABS material. 

The gears (also called spur gears) are mainly for the engineering applications like gear trains, speed reduction and 3D printing. That is because I put these gears in the FEA analysis in order to work out the highest torque they could take along with their safety factors. I believe they might be able to help users evaluate the torque from the motors selection and the loading applied to the gears. You could use them in the games, but they might not look aesthetic compared to most gear models (as they were made for engineering), but they will be more durable in use.

Here are few things I have to point out before using them:

1. The gears use metric system, so its unit is mm (The gear module in the file is 0.8) .

2. The safety factors in the datasheet are based on the ABS material for the gears, so that means the highest torque will be changed with different materials.

3. The safety factors are analyzed in a theoretical or a perfect condition, for example, the gears are solid, so if you 3d print them, their toques are likely to be lower than the datasheet, that is because of the infill density, infill pattern and inconsistent ABS properties from different ABS producers.

4. I chose ABS because it is a tough material and a good indicator for the selection of other materials, it helps roughly evaluate what the strength of other materials might be, for example PLA, PETG, Nylon.

5. The safety factors I chose are around 1.5, this is more of a common practice, it is not a standard, some engineers would use 2 or above. If you use safety factor below 1.5, there will be very little margin for error (allowable load is very close to failure load), the condition might be mostly used for the aircraft design.

6. Last but not least, have fun with these gears!

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