Parapet, a dwarf wall or heavy railing around the edge of a roof, balcony, terrace, or stairway designed either to prevent those behind it from falling over or to shelter them from attack from the outside.

Why we need parapet walls?

We can not keep the boundary of the roof, terrace, balcony, walkway, etc. open without any protection or any barrier to the movement.  This is the main reason that we construct walls around the areas discussed in this article.

Let’s see what are the main advantages of having a wall in addition to the protection

Advantages of Parapet Walls

Utilize the Space: Constructing a wall will allow us to utilize the whole space. Otherwise, it won’t be able to use occupy the area close to the edge in most spaces.

One of the most important functions of those types of walls are the safety of the occupants.

Work as a barrier for dust, etc.

It is a good option for privacy as when it constructed about the 3ft height is converted from the outside.

It cut the direct wind and work as a wind barrier.

It provides a better aesthetic appearance to the structure. Different desing or different types of parapet walls can be constructed.

It provides protection for the equipment installed on roofs.

Technical Information about the Wall

The height of the wall is 900mm or 3ft. It is based on the safety of occupants. There are guidelines for the height of the wall. Most of this height issued for balconies, roof terraces with access.

The width of the wall could vary from structure to structure. Generally, it is 225mm or 9inch. However, it could even be constructed by 4″ block walls too.

 Wall that exposed direct sunlight could be cracked if there is no element to carry the tensile stress developed due to the restrain in the wall.

Stiffener columns and beam could be constructed to avoid cracking. [refer latter part of the article for construction details]


Most of the walls are constructed as masonry walls. However, on special occasions, these walls are constructed as reinforced concrete walls.


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