Small log house plan for weekend houses in your desired location.

zip file contains dwg. file with the 1. floor plan, 2.floor plan and front side of house plan maid in AutoCAD 2023.

The house has furniture draw in it to guve an idea for the buyer of the house plan to one day make a house like this

We are also a company in Croatia and we are representatives of HIRSISET a company that makes log houses and we are in companion ship with them sou our clients reach out to us we make a deal the client sends us a dwg file of the house he wants or chooses one of the HIRSISET houses that they have in  store for buyers and we send the file to them, we get a feedbac on the price of the house and we contat our client with the information and make the finall deal before payment and construction.

if you whant more info heres my number contact me, email me, text me,

NUMBER: 0958610501


best regards Matija.

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