Over 75% of PlanMarketplace.com buyers find us and the detail they are looking for through organic search. So it is extremely important to have your details labelled correctly so your potential customer finds your detail right when they need it.  As the customer searches for the needed detail, it should align with your title or description.  So the more detailed and comprehensive your content is, the more likely you are to have more views and therefore more sales.

The 3 most important steps of buyers finding your details are the Title, Description and uploading a Featured Image. If you are missing or not optimized on any of these items, your details will likely never be found. Our top sellers know this and ensure their uploads are as clear and detailed as possible.


Create a name that briefly describes the detail. This, along with the feature image, will be the first impression to the potential buyer. The title should closely reflect the file and the design intent as the title will be keyword searchable.


An example; 

The description needs to be as comprehensive as possible to tell the buyer exactly what is included in your detail. This is your chance to tell the story of the file and why the buyer should purchase your detail over any others. A specific description will ensure every purchase has a satisfied buyer and leads to positive ratings, which leads to more sales. This description text is all searchable from our main search in addition to Google and the other search engines, so be sure to add specific keywords in your description that will lead to more views.

Upload Images

Feature Image
This will be the main image showcased on the main page. This should convey as much about the detail as possible.

Gallery Images
Add as many gallery images you want to help the buyer better understand the details of your file.

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