Why Does PlanMarketplace exist?

PlanMarketplace was born to fill a void. Our team is comprised of architects and engineers and we’ve experienced first-hand the difficulty that comes with always needing new details but lacking a substantial internal detail library. We repeatedly found ourselves wishing there was an online library that provided high quality plans and details at a competitive price in an easy-to-navigate site. Countless other industries have something similar (stock photography, video footage, web design elements etc.), so why does nothing exist to fill this very real need in the Architectural and Engineering space?

To Serve the User:

The clear absence highlighted above really drove our desire to produce a solution. We aim to provide the very thing we’ve looked for countless times in the past. A simple site providing high quality architectural plans and engineering files for download. A team with architectural and engineering experience and a careful curation process will ensure the file quality is unmatched, and a carefully thought out system of filters and categories will mean you can find the file you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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To Serve the Designer / Author:

PlanMarketplace provides a trustworthy, well optimized outlet for creatives, ensuring their files are as visible online as possible, and that the payout is well worth the effort they’ve put into their quality designs.

PlanMarketplace offers design and architectural firms – who have their own internal details and libraries – a space to sell their plans, gaining an additional revenue stream along with their core business.

If you’re looking to sell engineering or architectural plans online, we aim to be the best possible option. We’ll provide the platform for your sales process, as well as giving you an avenue to grow your brand and develop a reputation in the industry.

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