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 Over 75% of buyers find us and the detail they are looking for through organic search. So it is extremely important to have your details labelled correctly so your potential customer finds your detail right when they need it.  As the customer searches for the needed detail, it should align with your title or description.  […]

Happy Birthday PlanMarketplace

Happy Birthday! What a year it has been since we launched!  We have been blow away with the response so far.  We want to thank all of the sellers, buyers and staff that have help put this whole thing together.  We have big plans for this next year as we continue to grow and […]

We’re Live!!

Thank you!! We are thrilled at the positive response to our limited soft launch.  We want to thank all of you who joined us in this process.  We are especially grateful for all the comments, sign-ups, uploads, sales and words of encouragement.  You helped grow and  improve the site and gave us important insight that […]

CMU Wall Details-Exterior Finish

 CMU  Wall Details (concrete masonry unit) Also known as a concrete block or cinder block.  Like brick, this is a durable and time tested material for an exterior finish.  CMU is non-combustible, long lasting, can be reinforced to act as a structural element and does not require painting.  This is a concrete product vs a […]

Soft Launch: How to leave feedback

How to leave feedback on

Hi there! First off, if you’re reading this, you are (knowingly or otherwise!) participating in our soft launch!! We’ve implemented this soft launch to allow members of our network, and their connections, the opportunity to check out our site and leave feedback. It is crucial to us that we iron out all the kinks and […]

Why we started PlanMarketplace

Why we started

After a lot of work, is online and going better than we imagined. We knew we were onto something when we began developing this idea. The idea of a true marketplace for designers, architects, and engineers to share tools and lessons is a game changer for our profession. It will solve some of the […]

Buy Drawings, Plans or Details with Confidence

If you’re an Architect, Engineer or Designer, you’ve probably experienced the struggle of trying to find reputable and reliable plans or design elements. The niche as a whole is flooded with useless vectors, 3D models, and other “plans” that are at best a shot in the dark and most likely will get you nowhere. As […]

Why become a Contributor at PlanMarketplace?

To establish an efficient, effective, successful and profitable design project or business, you have to take advantage of every opportunity and efficiency.  Keeping your costs to a minimum, developing time saving strategies, eliminating wasteful or repetitive steps, minimizing mistakes and developing as many sources of revenue from your work are a few important ways to […]

What is PlanMarketplace?

What is PlanMarketplace?

Finding  drawings and plans to help fill gaps in a project is difficult, especially when you are an designer with little time to spare. Searching for the right detail, drawing or information is time consuming and the results often come up short. If your details only sit in an old project file and don’t help your bottom line, […]