Preparing Files (Before Uploading)

Any working files should be cleaned up and organized to be clear and easy to use as possible.  

  • Including any instructions or notes that might be useful to the buyer will assist.  
  • Standards such as layers should be clear and named per standard drafting conventions.
  • All items (text, dimension, etc.) are standard styles.  
  • Make sure all reference files are included.
  • Create image files for the feature image and gallery images.

Adding a Download (Uploading)

  • Download Title (Name) - Create a name that briefly describes the detail.  This, along with the feature image, will be the first impression to the potential buyer.  The title should closely reflect the file and its design intent as the title will be keyword searchable.
  • Price - Setting the price is completely up to you, the seller.  The seller should take into account several factors before setting your price.  Buyers are designers and purchasing your details to save them time from creating it themselves and utilizing your detail as an educational resource.  Keep in mind the buyer will likely have to still review and revise the detail to fit their exact needs.  Therefore the price should be priced well below what it would costs them to create it completely.
  • Upload - Choose the file(s) for a complete file.  Be sure to include all necessary files (xrefs, image files, etc.).
  • Upload Images -
    • Feature Image - This will be the main image showcased on the main page.  This should convey as much about the detail as possible.
    • Gallery Images - Add as many gallery images you want to help the buyer better understand the details of your file.
  • Description - The description needs to be as comprehensive as possible to tell the buyer exactly what is included in your detail.  This is your chance to tell the story of the file and why the buyer should purchase your detail over any others.  A specific description will ensure every purchase has a satisfied buyer and leads to positive ratings, which leads to more sales.  This description text is all searchable from our main search in addition to Google and the other search engines, so be sure to add specific keywords in your description that will lead to more views.
  • Options - Be sure to be as complete and detailed as possible when checking your selections.  This will ensure your detail is displayed to a targeted audience needing your exact detail.

After the Sale

  • Customer support - Provide answers to sellers requests and questions.  This is the simplest way to keep the buyer satisfied and keep your ratings and sales as high as possible.  Respond to comments to encourage reviews and positive comments from your buyers.
  • Getting paid - Make sure your account is complete and your paypal account info aligns with your email address provided.  Also ensure the buyer is completely satisfied and has no objections or a delay in payment could occur.