Because, simply put,  PlanMarketplace is the best of its kind.

Why is PlanMarketplace the Best?

It’s best for buyers because:

  • We possess countless carefully curated architectural and engineering plans.
  • You can find the plan you need instantly by using the search bar.
  • If you’re not sure about what you need, you can quickly scan and filter plans until you find a file that meets your criteria.
  • Only top-quality plans are offered on PlanMarketplace, so you don’t have to worry about the value of your purchase.
  • Our blog is full of architectural and engineering tips and insights; it’s one of the go-to resources for the industry.
  • We are architects and we tailored PlanMarketplace to the needs of architects and engineers – we know exactly what you need and how to get it to you.
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It’s best for sellers because:

  • We’re a well-known, respected resource in the architectural and engineering industry,
  • Our target market – and your target market – is informed and active, resulting in greater sales.
  • Our categorization and filtering system places your plans directly in front of buyers who need what you’re selling.
  • We have a simple, yet compelling purchase process, making it easy for buyers to complete transactions.
  • We maintain high levels of security and privacy, ensuring that each transaction is completed quickly and securely.
  • Our excellent support staff has both industry and technical skills and will ensure your selling experience is flawless.
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PlanMarketplace is the best resource for architects and engineers looking for quality CAD and similar design files and the best site for creators to sell their designs and earn additional income. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller of architectural and engineering design files, PlanMarketplace is the best site for you.