Automated RC Column Dynamic Block – Enhanced (inch)

Block Highlights:

1.Type values , get results as drawing.

2.Creates a column cross section detail just in a minute.

3.Make a 100% quality accuracy output.

4.Single block for “N” numbers of cross sections.

5.Partial design data check.

Check out Video for How it works?


Using this single Dynamic Block , by entering required values in custom properties box, we can easily create “N” numbers of different types of RCC Column cross sections (Rectangular & square).

In addition to that, this 2D block is ENHANCED with design checking parameter, like distances between main bars & percentage of steel provided.

Automated options,

A.Drafing options:

1. Column section dimensions (both width & depth)

2. “X” direction & “Y” direction rebar numbers

3. Concrete clear cover

B. Design check options:  

1. Percentage of steel provided

2. Distances between alternate bars

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