I. Project profile 

It is a coronavirus hospital General Flat Effect Model  in Fujian Ningde city,The project area of Fangcang Hospital is 133849.18 square meters, The total floor area is about 52461.12 square meters (excluding capacity), It covers an area of about 52461.12 square meters(including capacity), The volume ratio is about 0.43, The building density is about 39.19%, About 30% green, 800 beds, The total investment of Jian’an is about 30 million yuan. The project includes medical area, living area and other single building projects. Among them, the medical area includes: medical technology ICU、 receiving, isolating ward, dispatching command center, fire station, distribution facility, medical tank area, sewage treatment station, rainwater disinfection pool and vehicle parking lot. Living area includes: dormitory building (staff restaurant dormitory), food container yard, material arehouse, garbage room, finished water pump room, water tower, distribution box and vehicle parking lot. In addition to the corresponding road pipeline works, Green landscape engineering and other outdoor projects.

2.The work of the team and the documents available for sale 

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