A half wall can be a great feature of any space that might need more definement or definition. It can provide a barrier or provide space for equipment or furniture to sit against.

It can be any height but this wall won’t connect to the ceiling framing above, only getting its support from the floor. So it is important to properly support the wall with additional structural elements. The best way to provide additional support to a half wall is with a steel support column anchored to the concrete slab below.

Installation will require drilling a hole into the concrete slab 4″ to set the steel support.

Use of anchoring cement is recommended.

These details include options for wood framing and metal framing.

CAD details included:

  1. Plan view showing the placement of the steel support and stud framing for the half wall.
  2. Section view from top to bottom, showing the framing, steel support, slab connection and top of the half wall along with standard wall and floor finishes.
  3. Elevation view with the steel support shown to indicate placement and see the overall look of the half wall.

“This has become a standard wall detail in many of our projects” Architect

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