Retaining Wall Drainage Details

Discover essential details to manage water effectively around retaining walls. These plans offer meticulous guidance for two scenarios:

1. Basement-Type Drainage System with Waterproofing: Designed to address water intrusion in basement retaining walls, this plan incorporates waterproofing solutions and a perforated drain pipe. The waterproofing application ensures a moisture-resistant barrier, while the perforated drain pipe efficiently diverts water away from the wall, mitigating potential damage caused by excess moisture.

2. Exterior Site Retaining Wall with Thru-Wall Drainage: For outdoor retaining walls, this plan features a thorough thru-wall drainage system. Engineered to manage water effectively on exterior sites, this solution prevents water buildup behind the wall, safeguarding against potential structural issues. This detailed plan includes construction techniques to ensure optimal drainage and structural integrity.

Both plans incorporate construction techniques, emphasizing the importance of proper drainage for retaining walls.

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