Follow simply instructions and the progress will follow.This is not intended for frauds or any malicious act. My objective is to help those people and families who are indigent and promote well sustained life in the least I can. In this way not only I can do help but to acknowledge everyone who does support and reaching out our sympathy to others also. Selling a plan in a low price is a big help to feed thousands of people. 70% of this will be distributed to the needy and the 30% for the future exhibit and for my continuance as a student in architecture

Basically it has two design project, one is a terminal and the other is a shopping mall. This shopping mall as I said earlier has an area of almost 8700 sq.m. It is a three -storey building mall, a massive full project with details, estimations and formats. All according to rules and regulations as recommended and can be revise if permitted by the seller and instance for assistance or consultation is free. For further questions just email me at my gmail account or at my facebook account: A pdf. file and an autocad file will be received to the buyer as she/he has to provide the validation of the purchase item. Guaranteed a free sketch up file of my document model.

The same as the instruction covered by the terminal project. It measures around 80 x 95 meters.

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