Two-story residential house with specific features like a carport, terrace, balcony, and mini bar requires careful planning and consideration of various aspects such as space, aesthetics, functionality, and structural feasibility. Below is a conceptual design that incorporates these features:

Overall Layout:

The house will have two floors, with the ground floor dedicated to the living and entertainment spaces, including the carport and mini bar, and the second floor for bedrooms and a balcony.

The terrace will be accessible from the second floor and can serve as an outdoor relaxation and gathering area.

Ground Floor:

Carport: Located at the front of the house for convenient parking and protection of vehicles from the weather.

Living Room: Spacious living area for gatherings and entertainment.

Dining Area: Adjacent to the living room, providing a comfortable space for dining.

Kitchen: Functional kitchen with modern amenities and an island for food preparation.

Mini Bar: Integrated into the living area or adjacent to it, designed with a stylish and functional bar counter and seating.

Bathroom: A common bathroom for guests’ use.

Stairs: Providing access to the second floor.

Outdoor Spaces:

Front Yard: Landscaped area with greenery and pathways leading to the main entrance and carport.

Backyard: Landscaped outdoor area for relaxation and gardening.

Second Floor:

Bedrooms: Multiple bedrooms, each with ample space and natural light.

Bathrooms: Ensuite or shared bathrooms attached to the bedrooms.

Balcony: Accessible from one of the bedrooms, offering a private outdoor space for relaxation and enjoying the view.

Family/Entertainment Room: A space for family gatherings and entertainment.


Outdoor Seating: Comfortable seating arrangements for relaxation, socializing, and enjoying outdoor views.

Planters: Incorporate planters for greenery and aesthetics.

Additional Considerations:

Architectural Style: Choose an architectural style that complements your preferences and the surrounding environment, whether it’s modern, traditional, contemporary, or a fusion of styles.

Materials and Colors: Select appropriate materials and color schemes that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the spaces.

Lighting: Integrate suitable lighting fixtures to create a warm and inviting ambiance in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Consulting with a professional architect and interior designer to tailor this concept to your specific needs, preferences, and the constraints of your plot is highly recommended. They can ensure that the design meets local building codes, structural requirements, and your desired aesthetic and functional goals.


This Plan Contain, Complete Plan In AutoCAD, 3D Perspective Design in Sketch Up. and Complete Structural, Electrical, and Plumbing Plan.

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